With a combined experience of more than 70 years, the UCHU founders have established a path of innovation and disruption in top tier companies across the globe, join the list of happy clients today
Lee Spencer
Lee has been working in Aviation for the past 30 years, with high profile names like Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport. During this period Lee took leading roles in the delivery of Terminals Five and Two at London Heathrow Airport. More recently Lee took lead Innovation roles, including leading the function at Heathrow and providing expertise at Gatwick, resulting in winning four internationally recognised Innovation awards.
Rui Campos
Rui has 20 years of experience imagining and delivering products to market, including large scale solutions to Gatwick Airport, Vodafone, Ocado and Ferrovial. Recently designed AirTurn, a digital aircraft turnaround reporting tool, deployed Machine Learning based Turn Event detection at Gatwick Airport, delivered LineMate, a maintenance solution for EasyJet Engineering and established the first ATEX rated smartwatch for use below wing with Samsung, Gatwick Airport and Norwegian Airlines.
Blake McEldowney
Blake has over 25 years of experience delivering successful products and services to the market across different sectors, including Aviation, Automotive, Transportation, Smart Cities, Smart Home, IoT and Wearables, Health and Wellness. Highly experience in creating clear and compeling User Experiences across the physical and digital. His work includes creative design for top tier clients such as Microsoft, Samsung, LG and HP.